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The latest news & articles from Oscar Acoustics

Why the Building Safety Bill will shake things up

18 Aug 2020

The draft Building Safety Bill is the most significant milestone in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire and it will undoubtedly drive up quality within the construction sector. However, these new and enhanced r...

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The acoustically balanced workspace of the future

27 Jul 2020

Workplaces post COVID offers a great opportunity for employers to stop a hidden health crisis and ramp up productivity by focusing on acoustic design.

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RIBA Journal’s PIP Office Developments webinar with Oscar Acoustics

27 Jul 2020

Watch our Managing Director, Ben Hancock on RIBA Journal PIP Office Developments webinar discussing, ‘Noise – The silent workplace killer.’ 

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Oscar Acoustics on BBC Radio 4

13 May 2020

Returning to work during Covid-19.  BBC Radio 4's Martha Kearney interviews Ben Hancock Managing Director of Oscar Acoustics & Dame Judith Hackitt Chair of Make UK The Manufacturing Orga...

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Covid-19 health & safety regime

23 Apr 2020

Now more than ever with the current covid-19 pandemic, companies need to put in place and adhere to strict health and safety guidelines to protect our employees.  Read here to find out how we implemen...

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No more noisy upstairs neighbours

08 Apr 2020

Watch our Oscar Iso-Mount video to find out how you can easily soundproof your ceiling against noisy neighbours.

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Oscar Acoustics specified for new Hard Rock Hotel

02 Dec 2019

Oscar's SonaSpray fc and SonaSpray fcx were specified for Londons new Hard Rock Hotel throughout the café and bar, providing a seamless and decorative acoustic solution.  The spray absorbs excessive...

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The Oscar Acoustics workplace noise survey is out!

20 Nov 2019

Neglectful employers, violent Londoners and raucous offices.  The Oscar Acoustics workplace noise survey is out!  We surveyed 2,000 working-age adults across the country to find out more abo...

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Acoustics in restaurant design

15 Nov 2019

How many times have you gone to a restaurant, only to have the evening ruined by incessant noise?  All the time spent getting ready, not to mention spending a fair few pennies on the food, only to have to ...

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The importance of acoustics in schools

24 Oct 2019

Poor acoustics have a negative impact on children’s ability to learn and a teachers ability to teach.  To ensure environmental noise pollution doesn’t impact student learning and staff health, ...

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Urbanisation and noise

16 Oct 2019

Ben Hancock of Oscar Acoustics explores how housebuilders and developers can prevent noise from ruining occupants’ health with soundproofing products such as acoustic hangers, as our cities grow ever larg...

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Reducing workplace noise

15 Sep 2019

One of the biggest challenges in getting workplace design right is often ignored during the planning stage; the impact of noise on employees. Luckily for employers there are tools and building certificatio...

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