Noise Reverberation Solution

We offer acoustic solutions for both types of noise problems commonly experienced in buildings: noise reverberation (echo) in rooms/spaces & noise transfer through ceilings, floors and walls.

In terms of a noise reverberation solution we have found that the two best solutions are our SonaSpray spray-on acoustic decorative coatings, and our Oscar Elite - smooth synthetic acoustic plaster.  Both of these products are perfect for all forms of noise reverberation solutions.

Full noise reverberation solution range

Read the following case study to see how we have employed our noise reverberation solutions in the past.

Noise reverberation in new offices avoided by the application of SonaSpray fc decorative acoustic ceiling finish from Oscar Acoustics 

Project: Emlyn Hughes House (Gateway Project)
Architect: Bowker Sadler Partnership
Main Contractor: Leck Construction
Acoustics: Oscar Acoustics

Emlyn Hughes House is designed to provide drama both from the exterior and interior.  The Gateway Project was intended to represent the history of the town by resembling a submarine, construction of which is the towns primary industry.  

Bowker Sadler Partnership designed to give the occupants as much natural light as possible by building one face of the building almost entirely from glass.  The buildings floors and ceilings are constructed from poured strengthened concrete slab, so combine this with the glass walls and thin carpet tiles and there will be echo problems.

The main contractor, Leck Construction was looking for a way in which it could not only solve the echo problems, but give the bare concrete ceilings an attractive finish without the need for plaster board, suspended ceilings or numerous different trades, increasing the build time and cost.

The top floor has a grand double height office that rises with a beautiful curved ceiling by two meters with a mezzanine floor at the higher end.  It was essential to the architects that they did not compromise this internal design feature in spite of a potential echo problem.

Oscar Acoustics was employed to apply SonaSpray fc, an acoustic decorative finish in artic white.  This not only solved the echo problem in one application, but prevented the need for further decorating of the concrete slab soffit.  Four large office spaces were transformed in a week.

The results, attractive decorative acoustic finish, minimum of disruption, cost and no more echo problem.

Echo Problem article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.