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Evo-Panel - Acoustic wall panels

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Acoustic wall panels ideal for sports halls

Designed specifically for high impact areas such as sports halls at low level where noise control is needed most  

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With their extremely hard wearing, yet soft exterior and non-glass fibre interior, our class 0 fire rated Oscar Evo-Panels are the first low level acoustic panels for use in sports halls and other areas of constant impact.

With the current ranges of acoustic wall panels and spray-on finishes on the market, sports halls can suffer from sound flutter from side walls at lower level; this is because it is normally recommended that installation of acoustic panels should always be above head height to prevent damage to the product.

With high level acoustic wall panels, acoustic calculations can show that the sports hall will achieve the desired reverberation time after installation, but in practice this is not always the case.  If you take a reverberation time measurement from the floor, quite often this would be far higher than if you were to take in again in the same position, only a few steps up a ladder.  This is because sound is bouncing off the walls at low level......enter our Evo-Panel acoustic panels!

Evo-Panel - Acoustic wall panels installed in a sports hall

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Evo-Panel - Acoustic panels installed in a sports hall

Evo-Panel - Acoustic panels installed in a sports hall

The latest in acoustic wall panel design technology

Our Oscar Evo-Panels are typically installed at low level, just above 5-a-side football rules height.  Traditional acoustic panels cannot be installed at this height in sports halls due to risk of damage to the product which can prove to be a real problem.  By positioning our unique, impact resistant acoustic panels at low level, it means that low level sound flutter is eliminated. 

The acoustics results are dramatically improved by installing our Oscar Evo-panels at this low level height.  

Oscar Evo-Panel benefits include:

  • Class 0 to BS476 Part 6 fire rated
  • Improves clarity of speech
  • Acoustic panels reduce overall noise levels within a room
  • Class A sound absorber
  • 35% less acoustic wall panels required compared to conventional high level panels - saving time & money
  • Typical hall installation completed within 1 day compared to 1-2 weeks for standard acoustic panels
  • Impact resistant acoustic wall panel design
  • Acoustic panels are kinder on impact than a wall with its soft cushioned filling
  • 'Sport England' specification compliant acoustic panels
  • Stylish acoustic wall panels - available in a variety of colours
  • Acoustic panels can each be removed & replaced within 20 seconds!

What people say about our Oscar Evo-Panel installations...

"Changing spec from standard acoustic wall panels at high level and replacing them with fewer Oscar Evo-Panels at low level in our sports hall, as well as changing the perforated metal deck spec to plain galvanised metal deck treated with SonaSpray K-13 has saved us a fortune & time in the programme.  Everyone has commented on how quiet the sports hall is now".

Willmott Dixon
5 star review rating

Oscar Evo -Panel colour range

Evo-Panels - Acoustic wall panels colour chart

Oscar Evo-Panel low level acoustic wall panels are available in a full range of colours to blend in or contrast your halls existing colour scheme.  From traditional blues, greens and beige’s to a more contemporary carbon fibre look.

Evo-Panel - Acoustic wall panels installed in a sports hall

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Oscar Evo-Panel installations

Sports hall acoustics noise control

Sports hall acoustics

Sports hall acoustics are typically reverberant due to a combination of large areas of hard block walls, corrugated steel ceilings and wooden floors.  To control a sports hall acoustics a large amount of acoustically absorptive material has to be applied around the hall.  A spray-on material such as our SonaSpray reverberation control range has a huge distinct advantage over acoustic wall panels in this situation.

Oscar Evo-Panel technical specification

Acoustic data

Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic wall panels can be tailor made to meet your acoustic requirements and budget.  As standard, the Evo-Panel acoustic wall panel is available in a 50mm thick panel, but this can be increased for higher low frequency absorption.

For the ultimate acoustic combination for sports halls, use in conjuction with SonaSpray K-13 or SonaSpray K-13 Special on upper walls or to replace perforated metal deck.

Oscar Evo-Panel standard absorption coefficients

50mm 0.20 0.65 0.9 1.00 1.00 1.00 A
70mm 0.35 0.85 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 A

Acoustic panels test DATA certified by Acoustical Investigation & Research Organisation Ltd (AIRO).

Click here to download full Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic wall panel test report.

NBS spec

Thermal data

Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic panels cover large areas of lower wall so adds to the buildings thermal insulation.


Installation of these acoustic wall panels is simple and can be easily installed by the customer usually within 1 day using the supplied track, screws and plugs.  An acoustic wall panel installation service is available upon request.  Once the fixing track is installed, it enables you to remove and install the Evo-Panel in less than 20 seconds if and when required.


The Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic wall panels are made from an extremely strong, hard wearing outer protective material so will long outlast any other acoustic wall panel at low level.  It is designed specifically to cope with the normal constant ball and human impact associated with sports hall applications.  Please see outer protective material data below. 

NOTE: The Evo-Panel is designed to cope with normal use and not acts of vandalism.

Warp: > 280 daN/5cm > 9 daN > 20 daN/5cm
Weft: > 170 daN/5cm > 7 daN > 20 daN/5cm
  ISO 1421 EN 1875-3 ISO 1421*

*Internal procedure derived from ISO 1421.

Where to use

Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic wall panels are specifically designed for low level acoustic treatment in sports, assembly halls and even classrooms.


Whilst the Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic wall panel is available in standard colours, it is possible to colour coordinate with your school or company colours by selecting two contrasting colours for the main body of the acoustic wall panel and the side inserts.

Acoustic wall panel fire performance ratings

UK Fire test by Exova (Warrington) Fire Research:
Class 0 to BS476 Part 6
Class 1 to BS476 Part 7

Acoustic panels maintenance

The Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic wall panel can be lightly vacuumed with a brush attachment.  Heavier marks can normally be wiped off with a clean damp, colour fast cloth providing the acoustic wall panel is vacuumed first.