Oscar Iso-Mount - Type 2

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Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2 

The ultimate high performance soundproofing ceiling system that exceeds Building Regs Part E

DIY  •  Builder  •  Local Oscar Installer


Soundproofing of timber and concrete ceilings

The Iso-Mount Type 2 significantly expands the versatility of our Oscar Iso-Mount range of isolating acoustic hangers for soundproofing ceilings.

The Iso-Mount Type 2 can fix under existing ceilings without disruption, directly or with extensions for 50mm to over 1 metre voids for acoustic/thermal insulation and services.

Screw direct to concrete using just 1 concrete screw per hanger
into plasterboard using 1 screw fixing into the timber joist per hanger.

The end of upstairs noisy neighbours problems
  • Improves the soundproofing of existing ceilings: impact and airbourne sound reduction.
  • Fixes under existing concrete and timber joist ceilings with minimum fixings.
  • All work is done from the room below.  Your neighbours never need to know!
  • Proven acoustic performance.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

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Impact and airbourne sound reduction

Impact: The rubber block breaks the path of vibration reducing the sound of footsteps etc.
Airbourne: The additional acoustic insulation reduces the sound of voices, music, TV etc.

Design features

  • All of the installation is completed working only from the room below.
  • Just 1 hole to drill per mount; saves hours when drilling concrete.
  • 18kg max load per Iso-Mount: 3 mounts/sq.mtr (spaced evenly) gives a maximum weight load of 54kg/sq.mtr.
  • The GL1 ‘C’ Channel and GL3 Connectors are readily available from Travis Perkins, Builder Depot and Insulation shop, among others.

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Option 1Fixing directly through plasterboard into timber joists without removing the old ceiling. Creates a new isolated ceiling with a 50mm deep void for additional insulation. 

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Option 2 Fixing directly through existing plasterboard into timber joists without removing the old ceiling, using an extended acoustic hanger assembly.

Option 3Fixing directly onto a concrete ceiling.  Creates a new isolated ceiling with a 50mm deep void for additional insulation.

Option 4 Fixing directly on to concrete using the Concrete Hanger Extension fixed to the concrete.  Creates a new isolated ceiling with a larger variable void for additional insulation and services.


Iso-Mount Type 2 components:

Purchase Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2

The Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2 will be available to buy online soon.  In the meantime please contact us to order directly or enquire with one of our helpful team.

We can also supply:
  • Iso-Mount Type 2 fixings and accessories
  • Acoustic edge foam
  • Oscar Seal Acoustic Sealant
  • Celbar - our preferred acoustic insulation

Other components are purchased from your local stockist, further info is given on the installation pages.  The systems can be installed by a competent DIY person, builders and in many areas we can recommend installers. 

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