26 - Jun - 2018

Sound Fins

  Acoustic products at low level are not always advisable, (unless using the new Oscar Evo-Panel, specifically designed for absorption at low level in high impact areas such as sports halls).  The characeristics of a sound absorbent material means they cannot be quite as robust as a standard block or plastered wall.  Even standard acoustic panels can be prone to damage, dirtying and delamination if in constant contact with people.

 At Darwen Vale High School, Lancashire, the acoustic consultants concluded that there was not enough area at high level in the main dining area & artrim to achieve the desired acoustic result due to not being able to apply SonaSpray to the soffit and wishing to retain some of the existing old feature brickwork walls on show.

Loving a challenge, the boffins in white coats at Oscar Acoustics set about designing a new system.  The result was stunning; SonaSpray K-13 Special white applied directly to the walls in panels with our new SoundFin system protruding through in a contrasting grey/blue.  The client, the acoustic consultant SRL Technical Services Ltd and the architect John McAslan and Partners were delighted with the results.