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Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 System

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Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 SystemOscar Iso-Mount Type1 SystemOscar Iso-Mount Type1 SystemOscar Iso-Mount Type1 System
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Oscar Iso-Mount

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Details of our Oscar Iso-Mount Type1

An isolating ceiling mount which significantly reduces transmission of noise from the floor above but only looses 6mm of ceiling height.  All work is done from the room below.

The Oscar Iso-Mount Type1 is a three component assembly; the metal 'L' bracket screws to the sides of the joists, a rubber block sits in position on the 'L' bracket and breaks the path of vibration to the 3rd component, a metal saddle that is held in position on the rubber block.

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Typical applications

House conversion to flats, new build and renovation of houses and flats. Shops, restaurants and other commercial soundproofing applications.

Features & benefits

  • Adjustable side of joist fixing
  • All work carried out from room below
  • Fast and simple clip together installation
  • Appears as standard plastered ceiling
  • Installation tests exceed Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E requirements

Oscar Iso-Mount Review

“The whole transaction has been simple and easy.  I fitted the ceiling this weekend and it’s made an instant difference.  So much so that I had to ask the owner of the flat above if he had been using the room above.  I will recommend the product to my friends and will use it on other ceilings in my flat.  Keep up the good work!”

 Jim Hood
 5 star review rating

Fire Testing

The Iso-Mount Type1 achieved a 90 minute rating for fire resistance using two layers of 15mm Fireline plasterboard and 100mm Rockwool insulation. 
BRE fire test report available on request.

How many Oscar Iso-Mounts do I need?

Typical loading calculation for 220mm (8.66 inch)* joist

2 layers of 12mm standard plasterboard at 10kg each/sq mtr 20
200mm of acoustic thermal cavity fill at 60kg/cu.mtr 12
C stud channel (GL1 or equivivent)
4 x Iso Mount saddles at 37grams each 0.111

(6.96 lbs/sq.ft)*

Round up (total) 34kg/sq.metre
3 Iso-Mounts/m2 evenly spread has a max loading of 54kg/m2

Plus: The weight of down lighters, smoke sensors, grills etc that are to be fixed to the plasterboard.  Consult the manufacturers of the plaster board for fixtures to be fixed directly to the plasterboard.  Use fastenings as recommended by the plasterboard manufacturer.

The maximum safe loading on each mount is 18kg (39.7lbs)*, under this maximum safe load there is up to 2mm (0.08 inches)*, deflection as the mount flexes and the rubber compresses.

Arranging the Iso-mounts evenly spaced at 3 per square metre gives a maximum safe loading of 54kg/sq mtr (11lb/sq.ft)*. 
See typical loading calculation above.

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