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Space saving soundproofing in London & across the UK

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43% of Londoners live in flats.  That’s nearly 3.5m people in London alone that potentially have noisy upstairs neighbours impacting their lives and in some cases their health too.  When noise from above is a problem, the simplest solution is to create an isolated, soundproof ceiling using Oscar Iso-Mount acoustic hangers, which work by absorbing the vibrations that cause the transfer of unwanted noise between floors. 

Oscar Iso-Mounts are specially designed to be as non-obtrusive and space saving as possible.  The acoustic hangers are height adjustable so can be used across uneven joists to allow for a flat finish with minimum height loss (as little as 6mm). Once installation is complete, it appears no different to a normal plastered ceiling.

Perfect for soundproofing in London in flats, apartments and house conversions, the entire installation process is carried out from the room below, with no work required to the floor above.

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Class leading soundproofing in London

Building Regulations Document E sets minimum standards for residential soundproofing in buildings throughout England and Wales.  While these stringent regulations are great for ensuring new builds and conversions comply, the standards sadly do not apply to existing dwellings, leaving hundreds of thousands of properties with poor sound insulation.  Your upstairs neighbours may not even be especially noisy, but due to the way most homes have been built, poor sound insulation and how sound travels between floors, you can still hear them.

The Iso-Mount range is not only compliant, but exceeds the requirements set in Document E for airborne and impact sound making it the ideal soundproofing solution for your home.

We supply soundproofing in London, throughout the UK and beyond.  For delivery overseas please contact us.

Oscar Iso-Mount for soundproofing in London

  • Soundproof ceiling system for installation by your local builder or competent DIY person.
  • Finished ceiling looks exactly like conventional flat plastered ceiling.
  • All work to the soundproof ceiling is carried out from the room below.
  • Absolute minimal loss of ceiling height – as little as 6mm (1/4 inch).
  • The design incorporates the ‘floating acoustic ceiling’ principle in order to achieve best noise reduction, i.e. a soundproof ceiling that is rigid but mechanically isolated from the building structure to prevent transmission of sound by vibration.
  • Independent acoustic testing has been carried out by a qualified acoustician on ceiling installations in inhabited domestic properties.  Test results exceed Building Regulations, Part E.

Soundproofing in London with Iso-Mount

Iso-Mount creates a floating ceiling that stops the vibration that causes the transfer of unwanted noise from flat to flat.

Iso-Mount acoustic hangers are designed to achieve outstanding soundproofing performance with fast and easy installation.  The Iso-Mount is a proven, easy to use and affordable soundproof ceiling solution that brings serenity to any space, from houses and flats to offices, shops and restaurants.

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For more information regarding our Iso-Mount soundproof ceiling range or if you have any questions regarding soundproofing in London and throughout the UK, you can call us direct on 01474 854902 or fill in our contact us form and a member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Soundproofing in London article by D.Mack of Oscar Acoustics.

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